Monday, September 9, 2019

Gender and International development, Research proposal Essay

Gender and International development, Research proposal - Essay Example Based on the research, their a strong evidence for the relationship when looking at the attitudes surrounding the preference of sons. However, there is a weak relationshop and less pervasive when focusing at some of the behaviors that are motivate by the preference of sons. Expression of behavior as a result of son preference are subjected to situational contingencies that are not related to the bias that girls receive. It is therefore imperative to maintain the difference between the behavioral discrimination and the attitude prejudice when evaluating the theories surrounding the preference of sons. The paper will therefore, research on the problems and manifestation that arises as a result of son preference. For instance, the sex ratio in India is declining at a fast rate and if the same continues, then the girl child may be declared instinct. The paper equally makes an attempt to understand the fate of the girl0child who is lucky enough to survive through infancy. The paper has id entified ten sources for the research. A brief summary of the findings of these sources has been outlined below The author of this article demonstrates the prevalence of high sex ratios of male to female children. It is indicated that selective sex abortions are always on the rise so as to maintain the cultural as well as parental preference of male to female children. Despite the government efforts to introduce policies aimed at curbing this vice, the same policies have proved over and over again to be unsuccessful. This is mainly due to the societal encouragement and preference of sons to daughters. Das Gupta, M., Zhenghua, J., Bohua, L., Zhenming, X., Chung, W., & Hwa-Ok, B. Why is Son preference so persistent in East and South Asia? a cross-country study of China, India and the Republic of Korea. Journal Of Development Studies, 40(2), (2003).:153-187. According to the article, the author articulates that son preference has persisted in East and

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