Monday, February 24, 2020

Research proposal Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 words

Research Proposal Example The success stories of certain well-known multinational companies in China (facilitating growth in the nation) would serve as empirical evidences, whereby appropriate recommendations for the purpose of the desired research can be formulated (Bigler, 2001). The nations in the contemporary world always seek ways to experience growth in the long run. In early years, several economies had substantially progressed with the essence of capitalistic principles in business world, which primarily focused on various managerial methods that could help to enhance trade and commerce. However, since globalization, the degree of market competition has significantly increased in most of the nations. Without strategic management tools, companies in the current era will not be able to experience high level of business internationalization. This proves rationality of the dissertation as the primary focus is on the most required skills of strategic entrepreneurship in business, which if implemented, would surely enable companies to expand their businesses across the world. The important determinants that would help to better the open innovation, strategic assets and resource seeking activities in a firm would also be analyzed in the context of the paper. The worth of the paper is enhanced with incorporation of relevant case studies of certain multinational companies in China that empirically focus on the concerned research themes. Thus, information and analysis provided in the dissertation would help any modern corporation to successfully expand its business across the domestic boundaries. The entire research work would be accomplished on the basis of qualitative analysis. It is highly rational to utilize this method of research analysis as it is a highly flexible, superior and dynamic research approach. Unlike the case of quantitative research, qualitative research comprises a wider scope and scale of research work. The entire research

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