Wednesday, December 4, 2019

Diversity and Cultural Competence

Question: Describe about the Diversity and Cultural Competence? Answer: Introduction This essay explains the relation between culture and diversity and how the cultural diversity affects the community. Its very important to understand the impact of culture and diversity in the community. A deep understanding of the culture is very important for explaining this issue. Culture can be understood as the identity of a group of people, city, state or country. The first thing in the discussion of any country or community is the culture. Culture describes the behaviour and nature of the community(Brown, 2013). Understanding the value of culture is really important for better and strong community. For a community to be successful, a large number of people from different cultures have to work together. Thus, a good relation among the people is very important for a community or country. Diversity is the differences in the cultures of the people working together in the community or country. The diversity can be of various types, like language, thought and values etc. It is really important to manage those diversities for any community (Lavins, 2002).. These diversities can become a boon or a curse for any community or country that depends on the community and the way it manages its diversities. The diversity really helps in deciding the base of any community. It depends on the utilization of the people from different culture. It is obvious in modern world to have people from different culture residing in one community. Whether we consider a country, an organization or a small residential building the differences in culture in single community is called the cultural diversity(Wax, 1995). Understanding culture in more depth Importance of culture Importance of understanding culture in building community What is cultural diversity? Diversity in language How cultural diversity affect community building? Diversity of culture in community boon or curse? Conclusion: A community can consist of people from various cultures and due to different cultures, the diversity in the community is really common that depends on the people, how they manage the diversity in community. If the diversity will not be managed properly, it can make the whole community a curse otherwise it may become the reason of rapid growth of society or community(Lewis, 1995). Thus, this essay basically focuses on the understanding of culture in depth, importance of culture in building any community, overall importance of culture for a community or country, understanding diversity in the culture, diversity in language, impact of diversity on the strength of community and how the management of diversity in the community can decide the strength of community. If we see the current trend, in most of the countries people from different culture live in a single country. Diversity can help the community with their positive experience and can even destroy the community by making divisions in the name of culture. Culture is what makes a community or country. It is the culture which can help the country to become idle for other countries or may ruin the image of the country. Thus, it is really important to understand both the culture and the diversities in the culture to create a strong base for the community. Bibliography Brown, C. (2013). Diversity and cultural Competence. Retrieved March 17th, 2015, from National Association of social workers: Lavins, L. (2002). Culture Poverty. insurance : The Latino Healthcare maze, 22-23. Tamu. (2012). Culture. Retrieved March 17th, 2015, from Tamu Education: Wax, T. (1995). Deaf Community. 679-684.

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