Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Customer Profile Pape for La Perla Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Customer Profile Pape for La Perla - Essay Example It mainly deals with sleepwear and underwear for both women and men. In particular, La Perla boutique sells bras, lingerie, pajamas, briefs and nightgowns. The La Perla focuses on distinctive categories of products that are flexible and responsive to the needs of the customer. In particular, La Perla attracts women who love gentle and feminine sensuality. Its management aims at offering the best shopping experiences for its discerning customers with flexible price ranges for the product category which can go up to $200 for a bra. La Perla boutique targets women who value their lingerie and will always desire to shop at a specialty store than a mere departmental store. In this regard, these women cherish the detailed services that focus on individualized needs, such as personal brand choices. In particular, La Perla boutique targets intricate, cosmopolitan, business women of medium to high income earning levels. They entail high-class women who range between the ages of 30 to 55. They are also financially stable and are much more independent. This target group also loves their bodies enough to set aside plenty of money to acquire items and products that bring out their splendor and sensuality. Over and above, it targets the cosmopolitan area and city center population where many high income earning customers are located. The La Perla boutique aims at using different fabric compositions for its products. In particular, it focuses on high-class, stylish and pleasing to the eye products acquired from only select fabrics. The manufacturing process of the fabric is done intricately to foster the Italian craft tradition. The La Perla boutique employs the Leavers Lace and the Soutache process, in addition to the Frastaglio techniques in designing its products. They integrate the corsetry techniques which entails the sophisticated art of boosting the feminine sensuality in socially  assorted means.  

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