Wednesday, August 28, 2019

President Obama Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

President Obama - Essay Example The reality of his performance, however, has been subject to serious scrutiny. Barack Obama is the 44th president of the United States. Having a Kenyan father and spending some time in Indonesia, Obama is considered as a representative of the American Story of success (White House, 2011). He is also the winner of the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize. He made history in 2008 when he won the U.S. presidential election. But who is Barack Obama, the individual? Answering that question is much more difficult than it seems. Belonging to a family headed by a Kenyan father and his childhood spent in Jakarta definitely separates him from the long line of presidents hailing, almost exclusively, from the native land. More fruitful for understanding who he is and what he is about is the portrait of a highly ambitious politician with the self-assurance that stems from a stellar Ivy League record, a wife to match and early electoral successes. These are the traits that do not, as an understatement, represen t the average African American. Hence his ‘African Americanism’ is not part of his core identity. He is analogous to any previous or forthcoming American president in all relevant ways. We must, however, agree to acknowledge this accomplishment and consider it a benchmark for years to come. Despite his African American reality, Obama was able to attract scores of people to support him before being the president elect, and even before being the first choice candidate for the democrats. The enormity of his achievement is summarized by the fact that not only is he the first African American president, he is also one of the few presidents to live up to his word post election. Michelle Obama has also been a source of inspiration for many Americans. Not only is she the first African American lady, she is also a philanthropist, activist and ardent supporter of her husband’s policies. Her contribution is not limited to the advice she gives to her husband on the administr ative front, rather he unwavering support and love for the president acts as a source of peace and serenity. The president often quotes her to be as the source of love and calm in her life. She is not only fulfilling her duties as a first lady, she is also fulfilling her responsibilities as a mother, wife and patron of the family at the fullest. This is what any working man needs, and given the fact that her man is the most important man in the world, she is definitely not disappointing anyone in making life easy for him. Analyzing his reign: The first two years of Barack Obama’s reign saw the compilation of a substantial amount of policy accomplishment. The major changes and policy initiatives undertaken by his government include the economic stimulus ( meant to correct the mess created by years of non-regulation and poor foresight by previous policy makers), bringing a substantial recovery to the financial system, aiding two of the major auto makers of the United States, th e universal healthcare program, the increasing initiative and reform for financial regulation and significant changes in the foreign policy, especially with respect to Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan. The foreign policy of Barack Obama’s office is often compared with that of the President Bush’s reign. The Bush doctrine saw a turn in US foreign policy, marked by full scale militarization and the unilateralism in achieving the objective of defending the US security and its vital interest, irrespective of other countries, and by establishing US hegemony in the world. Obama’s foreign policy strategy aims at reaffirming US leadership in a changing

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