Monday, August 26, 2019

Home work Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Home work - Essay Example aty incorporated more enforcement provisions, there would be lower environmental degradation and environmental clean up would never be a burden to the citizens. Zapatista National Liberation Army’s point of opposing NAFTA and free trade was grounded on the concept of â€Å"Land and Liberty†. That is, the rebellion was ecologically motivated. The revolt region, Chiapas, had three distinct ecological zones, threatened by industrialization. With NAFTA, the indigenous people would be affected because of increased tariffs, which the Zapatistas viewed as a death warrant for the native people. The US government pays farmers not to produce portraying the program as environmental protection initiative. However, the program substituted price support programs fro farmers and is clearly a form of income support initiative. This practice should continue as long as there is enough food supply to the US citizens and farmers are actually willing to give up farming. The fourth agricultural revolution might focus on growing food in areas of close proximity to the market to reduce the impact of emission through burning fossil fuels during transportation of farm produce to markets. It is likely to entail utilitarian urban ecology with green roof tops. In early periods, natives of LDCs were ferried to Europe and America, depleting LDCS, especially Africa, of its workforce and pumping slaves in their own systems for development purposes. Also, global economic policies are in such a way that they favor developed nations while they oppress LDCs. However, LDCs are also to be held responsible for their underdevelopment for numerous reasons. First, LDCs are characterized by poor leadership that lacks accountability. Second, LDCs population growth is far much above the rate of economic growth, putting a lot of strain on available resources. Third, LDCs are characterized by political instability, which is an enemy to development progress. Rapid population growth reduces development

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