Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Australian History (see topic below) Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Australian History (see topic below) - Essay Example It had played significant role that is uniquely vibrant Australia as written in history. The making of Australia which was heading to be as it was in the first half of the twentieth century would have never been possible if not of its British influence which was obtained from its mother empire, Great Britain. It cannot be argued that there was willingness in the part of Australia to embrace dependent relationship within the British Empire. Its best option was to rely on its British Empire so as to survive and not lost its identity. It can be noted that Australia did not seek independence from British control but Britishness was embraced in order that it can have its identity (Evans et al. 1997). Dependence of Australia on its ‘mother country’ lies in the fact that it had to establish its cultural influence and economic and security link (Morkel 2001). This was for initial survival that for over the span of time was the foundation of Australia in its establishment. From a dictionary definition, dependence is synonymous to reliance, trust and subordination. Within the course of Australian history, its reliance to the power of Great Britain meant power, security and survival in its end. It ended up to a deeper trust and mutual agreement which Australia had to take, for collaboration with Great Britain in their quest to conquer the other part of the globe. Australia’s active participation in Britain’s quest to win the world can be clearly manifested in its participation to world wars. The Australian and New Zealand Army Corps day or also known as ‘Anzac’ day is a national celebration in Australia that is viewed sacred and also an act of heroism (Inglis 1997). This only signifies the impeccable support that Australia was willing to give for its mother country. As part of its subordination to mother country, Australia never condemned Britain for their quest to dominion over the

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