Wednesday, October 16, 2019

The media are a very powerful source of socialization today Essay

The media are a very powerful source of socialization today - Essay Example While people may have initially been livid with the way the case was handled, and the severity of the spill on human and plant health, the way that the newspaper presents the news about the settlement may change the discernment and actions of people towards BP. The newspaper presents information on the number of claimants who deserve compensation, a factor that BP had not integrated into its compensation plans. Through the major forms of media, television, and newspapers, people are able to get information on recent events such as the BP oil spill and socialize. Without such information, it may be indeed hard for people to fulfil socialization because of insufficient or impassable information. Through the socialization aspect, it is possible to provide an opinionated thought on an event. However, religious and educational institutions remain to be the main source of long-lived socialization aspects, unlike the media that may present sporadic and short-lived presentations that may fluctuate in the future or be prejudiced by external powers guided by egocentric

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