Thursday, October 10, 2019

Health and Social Care Essay

Ageing process is a must of human growth and developments their various attempts have there have been made to explain the process of ageing and identify the key influential factors. Health and social care practitioners of somewhat with all the people I need to understand how individuals adapt to life during old-age. What is disengagement theory Planning and Henry would process the disengage is meant theory as a way of explaining different behaviour and development in old age. They would suggest that when people reach their 60s they begin to disengage from active role in society for a variety of reasons: †¢ Ill health †¢ retirement from work †¢ loss of friendship and social support through illness and death of partners friends and relatives †¢ Lack of access to travel facilities †¢ inability to use communication technology They argue that disengagement in old age happens voluntarily and with the approval of the younger generation because it frees up work for them. They suggest it is normal and appropriate that has benefits of society and the older people. The disengagement theory has been criticised for the acceptance of the social exclusion for older people, They say that you could be argued that age is then restrict the ability of some older people, They think that they are not active citizens and they withdrawal from active social roles and it’s not a choice. Their original research has been criticises well is based on small sample of American adults who were taken to be typical of or older people everywhere they also just suggest that many older people remain engaged with their family and friends and then no more socially active in these types of groups once they have retired from work. To Mary worked until an old age and she would’ve been acted until then going to work playing with h er children when she grows older she may Now still be active with walking to the shops or going to different educational classes to stimulate her brain. Activity theory This processes that different disengagement theory, the more active the older person is the more they will be satisfied they will feel. The activity theorist such as fennell, phillipson and evens would argue that older people often resist disengagement from different important aspects of their life by maintaining a middle age lifestyle. Many older people will take part in social and education activities as a way of staying mentally active and physically healthy. The activity theory has been critiques on the grounds that it could be a way of explaining the response to ageing of some people; it fails to take the diversity of the older population into account. Being socially active and engaged may be positive for those with different personalities and characteristics living in certain circumstances.

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