Wednesday, October 30, 2019

The Name Adithya Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

The Name Adithya - Essay Example The name â€Å"Adithya† originates from being a ‘Descendant of Aditi’ or ‘Belonging to Aditi’, who was the Hindu mother goddess of the sky and fertility. Adithya is an Indian name that has its roots in the Sanskrit language. Other root words of the name are â€Å"Aadi† meaning â€Å"First or beginning†, â€Å"Aadideva† meaning â€Å"Highest God† or Aadinatha† meaning â€Å"the Primordial Master† are all derived from the Sanskrit language and are essentially Hindu names. 33 children, who were born to Aditi, the Goddess of sky and fertility, also known as the mother of God. The name Adithya is quite popular and hence quite commonly used in Hindu circles and is mostly used for the masculine gender and is pronounced as ‘a DEET ya’. This name is widely used in Asian regimes especially in India. On the family and community front, the name Adithya stands as a symbol that represents the sun, and hence he has a strong personality filled with strength and power and a person one can rely on or depend upon. Just as the sun casts its light on the whole of the Earth, giving life to everything under it, so also a person with the name of Aditya would always be a source of help and strength to others around him. Basically, he is a person one can depend upon because he can never let others down. He is the kind of person who hates being alone but loves being surrounded by laughter and cheer because he too revels in the love and good nature of others. He is a good friend and guide and believes in all that is good and right and shuns what is bad and demeaning. People with the name ‘Adithya’ are mostly leaders and very good speakers and are capable of winning the goodwill of others.

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